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This is the main screen that shows the existing Cacti hosts. Create a host using the menu key. Click on a host to open it, and long-press a host to edit or delete it Once you logged in you will see the head of your cacti graph tree. Click on an item to go a level deeper, press the back button to go backwards. If you are in a leaf that actually holds graphs, you will see a Show graphs" button at the bottom that brings you to a page filled with preview images of that graphs. If you click on a item that contains only graphs and no subitems you will be redirected to the preview page automatically.
This one shows the preview images in an tree item. You can reach the preferences screen via the menu key and set the time span you want to use for preview images. Click on a graph to see it in fullscreen mode. From the preview images you will reach this screen showing the full size graph.
Use the menu key to set the time span and toggle the legend on/off.