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What do I need to use this app?

Nothing special. Just an Android Phone with version 1.6 or higher and a Cacti instance. No special stuff is required. But make sure that you actually have a tree in you instance, and have permissions to view that tree.

I found a bug. How to contact you?

Please send me a mail and include the Cacti version you are using (To be found in your Cacti instance under Console » System Utilities » Technical Support)

Galaxy s5: I have no hardware menu key on my device - how do I create a new host?

Tap and hold the Recent Apps button. You can find more info about that here: http://www.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-menu-button-hidden

My graphs seem not to get updated. What's wrong?

That sounds like some caching issue. If you have the Boost plugin installed, try to disable the image cache. There is currently no known (at least not to me) way to force the creation of a new image. If the Boost plugin is not the reason, I would like you to send me a mail, so I can try to figure out what's going on.

I get the error "SSLPeerUnverifiedException: No peer certificate". What's wrong?

Most probably you are not using the correct protocol in your host address. Make sure to use https.

I get the error "Could not login. Check your network connection and /or host settings. Details: [NoHttpResponseException] The target server failed to respond. What's wrong?

Most probably you have some proxy between your Android and your Cacti server that behaves not fully correct. Please try the "HTTP auto retry" config option.

I can see the graph images, but they are empty or show historical data.

Make sure that the clock on your android phone is set correctly.

CactiViewer crashed when I tried to open a page with many graphs on it. What's wrong?

Well, that's a known problem. At the moment CactiViewer tries to load as many graphs as presented on that page. This can lead to out of Memory and FC errors. I'm working on something like a paging mechanism to prevent this.

How can I edit a host?

Long-press on a hostname. A context menu with an "Edit Host" item will come up.

What does the error message "Could not fetch tree structure, or no tree exists" mean?

That means that CactiViewer was not able to scan the "graphs" tab on your Cacti installation, or the tree navigation could not be found. Make sure the Cacti user you use has actually permissions to view graphs and there is a tree configured. Also check the "Default Tree View Mode" setting in the " Graph Settings". Switch from "Single Pane" to "Dual Pane" in Order to display the tree navigation that CactiViewer needs.

How can I use Cacti installations protected by HTTP Basic Auth?

Create the host address in the form http://user:pass@example.com. Replace "user" and "pass" with your credentials.

The font size on the graphs is too small

Adjust the font size in your Cacti installation. You can to that on a per user base

Where can I get the code?

At the moment the code is not available to the public. In the future I plan to release the complete app as open source, but I have to clean up some things first.

This app is just crap. It doesn't work at all. Can you fix it?

Sure, just tell me what is not working.

Great app! Can I reciprocate?

Of course, if you feel so you could consider to donate.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Just send me a mail and I will try to answer them.