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CactiViewer is a small Android application that lets you browse your Cacti graphs from your android phone. It's only a viewer, so there is no editing functionality. The app aims to make browsing Cacti graphs more smooth than it would be using a browser.
You do not need to change your Cacti installation in order to use this app. CactiViewer works on top of the default Cacti web interface. Just make sure that you have configured a tree and your cacti user has permissions to view that tree. It was tested with Cacti 0.8.7c and upwards, but should work with older versions too.



Planned features:

As of now, CactiViewer is available in English, German and Polish. If you like to translate it to other languages, drop me a line and I will send you the strings.xml. po files are also available if you prever that.

If you feel there is an essential functionality missing, or just have some other suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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